Cash register systems supplies. Point of Sale (POS) systems supplies.

We carry a full line supplies for cash register system including  paper and ribbons for Cash Registers, P.O.S., Typewriters and Business Machines of all kinds.

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Supplies  –  cash register systems, point of sale systems and for typewriters. Also for credit card processing.

Supplies  – for Jolida tube amplifiers including tubes and cages. Also periphereal equipment such as phono preamps and DACs.




Posted: 6/20/2013

Due to many requests by fans of our Tung-Sol line of tubes, the Tung-Sol EL84/6BQ5 has been reissued. The Tung-Sol EL84/6BQ5 was a popular OEM tube for American-made EL84/6BQ5 guitar amplifiers, such as those built by Gibson and Harmony. Due to its rugged construction and conservative ratings, it is the most reliable current production EL84 type available for use in Vox AC-30 type amplifiers. In addition, its linearity and tone characteristic make it the ideal replacement for EL84 hi-fi amplifiers, such as those built by Fisher, Scott, and Harmon-Kardon.