JOLIDA Amplifiers

Fusion 3502S 6550s

Fusion 3502S 6550s

This amp is a powerful tube amp

JD1000RC 100wpc

JD502P w/6550s

JD502P w/6550s

JD202BRC silver

JD202BRC silver

Fusion 3502S EL34s

Fusion 3502S EL34s

Jolida Amplifiers

Jolida Amplifiers – Fusion 3502P , JD1501P , JD102CRC , JD202BRC , JD801BRC, JD1501BRC , JD301BRC , Fusion 3502 , Fusion 3502S, JD102 CRC, JD202 BRC, JD502 P, JD801 BRC, JD301 BRC, JD1501 BRC, EL84 tube, EL34 tubes, 6550 tubes, KT88 tubes, JD502CRC. Jolida does not sell the KT*** tubes, but we do sell the amplifiers without power tubes at a reduced price (of course) so you can buy the tubes you want to use.

Shipping if free in USA. International buyers pay actual shipping costs via USPS

Jolida amplifiers are very musical, natural sounding amplifiers using tubes.

We are an authorized international Jolida dealer.  We are an authorized Klipsch dealer. We have a brick and mortar store location – visit us. We are located at 216 Pearl St. New Albany, Indiana 47150 in the Louisville, Ky. area.


Jolida Amplifiers:

Jolida amplifiers are available through Petery-Hedden Co., an authorized Jolida dealer. All Jolida audio gear is available from Petery-Hedden. We are always on the look out for nice vintage Klipsch speakers. Jolida audio amps are an excellent value. Jolida audio amps- quality at value prices. Jolida amplifiers come in two types- all tube amplifiers both integrated and power amps. Also hybrids with one coming as a power amp only. The JD1501P.

When you are in the market for a Jolida amplifer give us a call, or send an email. We will be glad to help you whether is it with the purchase of tubes, or a tube amplifier.

Shipping on all items is about 1 week. Drop shipped from Jolida. Jolida amplifiers are well built, can be upgraded easily, and upgrades are available from Jolida. Shipping is free in the continental USA, international buyers pay actual shipping cost.

Upgrade I: Resistor, diode, capacitor and tube upgrade.   Retail price – $250; additional upgrade paths available.

Mission Statement:

JoLida is a communication company. We believe that sound can have a great impact on the life of an individual. Sound has the capacity to inspire, stir emotion and create empathy. It encompasses the whole range of human emotions and transcends age, color, race, culture and walk of life and goes right to the heart of our humanness. The ability to create emotion is the province of the artist. Our task is to provide the electronic means by which this artistry can be communicated as the artist intended, hence we are a communication company not the communication. We are the message bearer, not the message. Therefore, our mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute quality sound systems.

Petery-Hedden Audio Gallery  216 Pearl St.  New Albany, Indiana 47150.

Contact for sales and service:

Brian Higdon    phone – 812-945-5215

Bob Anderson  phone – 812-557-2497

In keeping with our mission, JoLida will bring a long term auditory enhancement to our clients’ lives at a value price.
We have a store location – visit us. We are located at 216 Pearl St. New Albany, Indiana 47150 in the Louisville, Ky. area.
International Jolida Dealer. International buyers pay actual cost of shipping; shipping is free in USA.

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