This amp is a powerful tube amp

Jolida 100wpc tube amp

Jolida JD1000BRC integrated 100wpc tube amplifier

The Jolida JD1000BRC is a 100wpc tube amplifier. The JD1000BRC utilizes 6CA7/EL34 tubes. There are 4 matched pairs of power output tubes. The JD1000RC is Jolida’s most powerful integrated tube amplifier. The JD1000RC is available in silver or black. The MSRP is $2699. We sometimes have special promotional offers. This JD1000BRC tube amplifier is available in black or silver. Shipping in USA is free. Visit www.jolida.com for more details on the company. Visit http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/amplifiers/jolida/jd-1000a/prd_124324_1583crx.aspx to read reviews on this amp. Actually these reviews are for the previous version of 10 years ago. The price and quality has risen since then.  The JD1000RC weighs 62 lbs.

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100 watts per channel, hi-performance sound, this is characteristic of Vacuum Tube Technology in the JD 1000RC. Clear, robust bass with smooth highs in a value priced package. Remote volume control and an EZ-Biasing system make the operation and the maintenance of the JD 1000 BRC a simple matter.

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Construction Details and Features:

  • Fully Integrated Stereo Amplifier: Input 500mV driving 100 watts, maximum 150 watts output
  • Remote Control
  • Multiple Inputs: Front mounted selector switch-CD, Tape Recorder, Tuner and Aux. (for TV, VCR or Computer)
  • Bypass Switch: This feature enables the amp to be use as a power or integrated amplifier
  • Custom Wound Audio Transformers with a core of German grain oriented silicon steel. 15th generation proprietary design. Secondary can be configured for a 4 ohm or 8 ohm load
  • Easy Biasing with top panel bias testing terminal with bias adjustment controls.
  • State of the Art Components: Blue ALPS audio potentiometer, gold plated RCA input jacks and one set of XLR

Technical Specifications:

Maximum Power Output: 150 W per channel at 8 ohms, 1KHz
Rated Output Power: 100 W per channel at 8 ohms, 25Hz to 70KHz
Frequency Response: (at 1 watt into 8 ohms) 8Hz to 130KHz + 1dB
Bandwidth: 13Hz to 80kHz + 3dB; 0dB 100 W 1KHz
Distortion THD: Less than 1% at 100 W output, 28Hz to 15KHz
Circuit Type: Ultra Linear, Class AB
Input Impedance: 100Kohms
Input Sensitivity: 500mV at 1KHz and 8 ohms for 100 watt output
Output Impedance: 4 ohms and 8 ohms
Negative Feedback: Less than 5 dB
Noise and Hum: 85dB below rated output
Tube Complement: 4 matched pairs (8) of 6CA7/EL34 power output; 2 pcs. 12AX7 pre-amplifier; 2 pcs. 12AT7/ECC81 power drivers.