Jolida JD202BRC

JD202BRC black 40wpc

JD202BRC black 40wpc

Jolida JD202BRC tube amplifier

We are authorized Jolida dealers Petery-Hedden co. 216 Pearl st. New Albany, Indiana 47150. In the Louisville, Ky. area. As authorized Jolida dealers we sell the complete line of Jolida audio gear. We are proud to be a Jolida authorized dealer. Jolida tube amplifiers are a great value. Shipping is always free in the USA. International buyers pay actual cost of shipping via USPS Priority Mail. The Jolida JD202BRC is one of the most popular tubes amps we sell. International Jolida dealer. Worldwide sales and service.

New Jolida JD202BRC tube amplifier. Silver or black. Amp is 40wpc using EL34 power tubes. Check out the Jolida website for all the technical specs. See the internet for reviews. See audio review. A nice sounding amp, well built with a minimalist design. Want to hear liquid, honey like mid-range and vocals? Want to hear nice, smooth highs?

Jolida JD202BRC MSRP is $1199. We sometimes have open box items on sale.

JD202BRC silver

JD202BRC silver

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Construction Details and Features:

  • Fully Integrated Stereo Amplifier: Input 500mV driving 50 watts, maximum 75 watts output
  • Multiple Inputs: Front mounted selector switch-CD, Tape Recorder, Tuner and Aux. (for TV, VCR or Computer)
  • Custom Wound Audio Transformers with a core of German grain oriented silicon steel. 15th generation proprietary design. Secondary can be configured for a 4 ohm or 8 ohm load
  • State of the Art Components: Blue ALPS audio potentiometer, gold plated RCA input jacks
  • Remote Control

Ask about available upgrades- done at Jolida.

Technical Specifications:
Maximum power Output: 50 W per channel at 8 ohms, 1KHz
Rated Output Power: 40 W per channel at 8 ohms, 30Hz to 80KHz
Frequency Response: (at 1 watt into 8 ohms) 8Hz to 140KHz + 3dB; 0dB at 1KHz
Bandwidth: 16Hz to 140KHz + 3dB; 0dB = 30 W 1KHz, 8 ohms
Distortion THD + N: Less than 1.5% at 30 W output, 40Hz to 14KHz, 8 ohms
Circuit Type: Ultra Linear, Class AB
Input Impedance: 100Kohms
Input Sensitivity: Max. 250mV at 1KHz for 30 watt output
Output Impedance: 4 ohms and 8 ohms
Noise and Hum: 80dB below rated output
Tube Complement: 2 matched pairs (4) of 6CA7/EL34 power output; 2 pcs. 12AX7A pre-amplifier, 2 pcs. 12AT7 power drivers