Fusion 3502S 6550s

Fusion 3502S 6550s

Jolida makes tube gear that is affordable. They make a number of amplifiers as well as components. We have been selling Jolida gear for several years now. Customers are all happy campers. We offer great deals.  The Klipsch speakers go really well with this tube gear- a tube amp, a tube dac, and a pair of Klipsch speakers gives you a great sounding system. We offer a number of payment options.

The JD102CRC tube amplifier, Jolida JD202BRC tube amplifier, JD1000BRC tube amplifier, Fusion 3502S tube amplifier, JD801BRC,  JD1501BRC, Jolida Fusion preamplifier, FX DACIII, Jolida DAC preamplifier, JD1000P, Fusion 3502P, JD1501P. This is a listing of most of their gear. We sell their complete line. We sell internationally. Shipping is free in USA. International shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

In 1991, JoLida designed a series of large transformers for an industrial customer in which one of the main design criteria was low noise over a wide signal bandwidth. It was then suggested that if the size of the transformers were reduced, they would be highly applicable to tube amplifiers. Please note that in a tube amplifier, the transformer is the heart of the unit. At the time, the median price of a tube power amplifier was $3,600 and we thought performance equipment at value prices would be an attractive product for the market. Presently, the company has 30 SKUs for sale with another 6 in the design process.  Prices start at $450 US retail.  Since 1997, the company has won numerous Design and Innovation Awards from the CEA, product of the year awards, Oasis award, products in Audio Review’s Hall of Fame (these are consumer appreciation awards).  In addition, the company has garnered numerous worldwide reviews (Including Time Magazine) for its performance equipment.

In January of 1995, the first of the amplifier line was introduced at the 1995 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and resulted in winning two Engineering Design and Innovation Awards from the Electronic Industrial Association in spite of a skeptical dealer audience.

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