Power amps and preamp

JD502P w/6550s 60wpc power amp

JD502P w/6550s 60wpc power amp

Power amps and preamp

Power amps and preamp combinations are what audiophiles have been interested for a long time. Yes, Jolida does make separate power amps and preamp. There is the Fusion 3502P 60wpc all tube power amplifier, the JD1000P a 100wpc all tube power amp, and a JD1501P 100wpc hybrid power amp. There is also the high quality Fusion Preamplifier. Each of these are available in silver, or black. Check out our power amps and preamp.

Jolida developed these amps and preamp with the purist audiophile in mind. Of the power amps and preamp offered the Fusion 3502P power amp is the most popular seller. We are an authorized Jolida dealer shipping worldwide most items. Shipping is free in USA. International buyers pay actual cost of shipping via USPS Priority International Mail. Since we have an actual store we sometimes have demo models on sale.

On this web site you will find separate listing for each piece of gear listed here.

Visit this site for more information:  http://jolida.alexpapanicolaou.com/products?tid=17


Power amps and preamp:  the Fusion 3502P amplifier is very popular;  the Fusion preamplifier is a great preamplifier.

The Jolida Fusion preamplifier gets great reviews. The Jolida Fusion preamplifier is a great match with the Jolida Fusion 3502P tube amplifier.


Thank you for your interest in our selection of Jolida power amps and preamp.


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