Jolida Fusion 3502P

JD502P w/6550s 60wpc power amp

JD502P w/6550s 60wpc power amp

Jolida Fusion 3502P tube power amplifier

The Jolida Fusion 3502P amplifier is the same as the 3502S integrated amplifier, but the Jolida Fusion 3502P is a tube power amplifier and does not have the preamp section. It looks just like the discontinued JD502P tube amplifier, but it has some upgraded components internally. The Jolida Fusion 3502P amp is basically the JD502P amp upgraded which has been a popular selling amplifier. So is the Fusion 3502S which is the integrated model.

The Jolida Fusion 3502P has some interesting flexibility. With a flick of a switch, you can set your amplifier up to operate 6550, KT 88, KT 120, KT 150 or EL34 Vacuum Tubes. The circuit has been redesigned and placed the same venerable steel chassis. Parts of the unit have been upgraded to include ESA clarity coupling caps, high speed diodes.

Current MSRP  $1575 with 6550 tubes; $1450 with el34 tubes


Technical Specifications:

Rated Output Power: 60 W per channel at 8 ohms, 25Hz to 60KHz with 6550 vacuum tubes

50 W per channel at 8 ohms, 28Hz to 72KHz with EL34 vacuum tubes

Maximum Power Output: 85 W per channel at 8 ohms, 1KHz with 6550 Tubes

75 W per channel at 8 ohms, 1KHz with EL34 Tubes

Frequency Response: (at 1 watt into 8 ohms) 8Hz to 130KHz + 1dB

Bandwidth: 15Hz to 80KHz + 3dB; 0dB 60 W 1KHz

Distortion THD: Less than 1% at 20 V output, 28Hz to 15KHz

Circuit Type: Ultra Linear, Class AB

Input Impedance: 100Kohms

Input Sensitivity: 600mV at 1KHz for 50/60 watt output

Output Impedance: 4 ohms and 8 ohms

Negative Feedback: Less than 5 dB

Noise and Hum: 91 dB below rated output

The Jolida Fusion 3502P tube power amplifier is a great power amplifier for the tube rolling enthusiast, and it can be bridged for mono block applications. Contact us for more details.

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Bob Anderson    email:  phone : 812-557-2497

Brian Higdon     email:  phone: 812-945-5215.


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