Jolida JD1501P

JD1501P 100wpc hybrid power amp

JD1501P 100wpc hybrid power amp

Jolida JD1501P 100wpc hybrid power amplifier

The Jolida JD1501P 100 wpc hybrid power amplifier utilizes tubes in the buffer stage to clean up the input signals, and utilizes MOSFET output devices. The Jolida JD1501P power amplifier has plenty of power and it has strong bass. “A power amplifier with a tube buffer stage to clean up the input signals coming in. Speed, dynamics, power and a large soundstage are the audio characteristics of this value package. A power amplifier that will not disappoint.” The Jolida JD1501P hybrid power amplifier sounds smooth, detailed, but with pace and bass. If you want the power of solid state and bass, but the smoothness of tubes this is an excellent amplifier to consider. Check it out.

MSRP = $899.  Our special price = $825 including shipping.

Shipping in continental USA is free, international customers pay actual cost of shipping.

Rated Output Power:        100 W per channel at 8 ohms, 22Hz to 19KHz

180 W per channel at 4 ohms  22Hz to 10KHz

Frequency Response:       (at 1 watt into 8 ohms) 10Hz to 35KHz   + 1dB

Bandwidth:                          22Hz to 19kHz + 3dB; 0dB 100 W 1KHz

Distortion THD:                  Less than 0.1% at 100 W output, 22Hz to 18KHz

Input Impedance:               47Kohms

Input Sensitivity:                2V at 1KHz and 8 ohms for 100-watt output

Noise and Hum:                  90dB below rated output

Tube Complement:            2 pcs. 12AX7 for the preamplifier

Power Requirements:       110V-120 VAC 60Hz 180 watts-standby, 450 watts maximum (220 VAC 50Hz option)

Dimensions:                        17 inches wide by 13 inches deep by 4 inches high

Weight:                                  32 pounds net, approximately 33 pounds packaged

Warranty:                              18 months limited parts and labor. Six months or 1000 hours whichever comes first on Jolida Tubes.

Fuse:                                     110 – 120 VAC, 6.3 Amp slo Blow; 200 – 240 VAC, 3.15 Amp slo Blow

Construction Details and Features:

o Hybrid Stereo Power Amplifier: Input 2 V driving 100 watts

o Multiple Inputs:  RCA or XLR.

o State of the Art Components: ALPS audio potentiometer, gold plated RCA input jacks, audiophile grade ceramic composite grid resistors, high speed soft recovery diodes, poly coupling capacitors.

o E-Z biasing system: Hi-performance, minimal effort.

o Low Feedback Design: Only 5 dB

o Comes in Black or Silver

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