Jolida JD502P

JD502P w/6550s 60wpc power amp

JD502P w/6550s 60wpc power amp

The very popular JD502P power tube amplifier. Best selling amp. Jolida amps are upgradeable. There are different upgrade paths available for all Jolida amps including the Jolida JD502P

The Jolida JD502P tube power amplifier is vailable in silver or black. The Jolida JD502P tube amplifier is one of the most popular Jolida amps. Looking for a power amplifier with heft and speed. The  Jolida 502P will give you separation and inner dynamics that will drive the most demanding in music. Ez biasing and long tube life assures minimal maintenance for your unit.

This amp has been discontinued and the last unit has been sold. It is now replaced with the Fusion 3502P amp. This amp looks just like the 502P, but already has the level on upgrade included- better  quality internals. See page for 3502P. It is like the 3502S, but without the preamp section.


Upgrade I: Resistor, diode, capacitor and tube upgrade.  $250 and additional upgrade paths are available.

For more information on the Fusion 3502P power tube amplifier visit with EL34 tubes or with 6550 tubes. Call us for availability and pricing. MSRP $1575 with 6550 tubes; $1450 with EL34 tubes. The amp can be purchased without power tubes if you wish to buy your own KT*** tubes. Ask us for the price.


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