Jolida Amplifier Accessories

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The JD502CRC tube cage and the JD502CRC amp with the tube cage

Jolida amplifier accessories

We also offer Jolida amplifier accessories for sale. We offer all the Jolida amplifier accessories Jolida offers. We offer tubes, cages, upgrades, repairs, optional outs, and tape out fixed signal, optional inputs. Ask us about all that can be added to a Jolida amp, and what upgrades are available. We will offer you the best deal possible on these. We also are authorized to sell Jolida internationally. We are full service dealers offering all the Jolida amplifier accessories, add-ons, and upgrades. Upgrades are available for older units as well as new ones at purchase. time. Tungsol 12ax7 tubes are available, Tungsol 12ax7 tubes with gold pins are available. Tungsol 6550 tubes are available as well as Electro Harmonix 12at7 tubes and EH EL34 and EL84 tubes. We do not sell KT88 tubes.

Conversion from 110 to 220 or 220 to 110 can be done, and is done without additional charge at time of purchase. $75 is charged if done on older amps that need the conversion due to relocating.

Jolida Audio Dealer:

Contact information:  Bob Anderson @ 812-557-2497 or email  Brian Higdon @ 812-945-5215 or email

Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have about Jolida gear. Make us an offer on any of the amplifier or components. Visit

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Tung Sol 12AX7             $27
Tung Sol 12AX7 GOLD PIN             $40
Tung Sol 6550             $61
EH 12AT7             $22
EH EL34             $40
EH EL84             $21
Model: Description: Retail:
CG 302/502 Optional Tube Cage for the JD 302 $100
or the JD 502 (Black)
CG 202 Optional Cage for the JD 202 $85
CG 102 Optional Cage for the JD 102 $75
Tape Out Optional Tape out (fixed signal) $100
Pre-out Optional Variable out (Pre-Out) $125
One Set Addition of one pair of inputs $150
of Inputs  
Two Sets Addition of two pairs of inputs $200
of Inputs  
Conversion Converts voltage from 110 volts to $75
220 volts or 220 V to 110 V