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phono preamp

phono preamp

Jolida Audio Gear

Jolida Audio Gear – buy from an authorized Jolida dealer with an brick and mortar store. Petery-Hedden Audio Gallery is proud to offer high quality Jolida audio gear. We are always having special sales on Jolida Tube Amplifiers. We often offer special Jolida tubed components pricing. Right now we are offering Special Deal Jolida FX tube DACIII. Also special JD9II price available. Give us a call now.

Jolida Audio Gear – buy Jolida audio gear from a Jolida authorized dealer with a store.

Petery-Hedden Audio Gallery now offers Jolida Audio Gear. We offer Jolida Tube Amplifiers, Jolida Hybrid Amplifiers, and Jolida Tube Components. We always have a Jolida tube amplifiers sale going. Call us for pricing. Jolida gear is offered in our store and on the internet. Find our ads on Ebay,and USAUDIOMART.COM. Special pricing often available on certain Jolida audio gear. A listing of some Jolida amplifiers and Jolida tube components follow. We take phone orders. We accept credit cards, paypal, money orders, and personal checks (once cleared). Talk to Brian or Bob. Always glad to help you. We also offer a high level of personal service. We have an actual store and all we know is personal service. We do accept returns, and handle warranty  returns. We can sell internationally. Shipping is included for all continental USA customers. International contact us for shipping quote.

Audio Gallery Contact Information:

812-557-2497   Bob Anderson

Email:  (Bob Anderson audio manager)

Jolida tube amplifers sale:

Jolida FX 10 tube amplifier – 10wpc  nice sound, compact size- see Jolida website for technical specifications.  Ask about our special pricing on this unit. This is a 10wpc amplifier for small bookshelf systems. This amp will not drive inefficient speakers. Make sure this will meet your needs before buying.

Jolida JD1501BRC hybrid amplifier. Has tube input stage and MOSFET output stage. A 100wpc amplifier that is smooth, detailed, and clear. Check out the Jolida website for complete technical specifications. MSRP= $1150. Call about special offers. Free shipping.

Let us make you a deal on a Jolida amplifier or Jolida tube component. Jolida will send it directly to you new. Shipping is always included free.

 Jolida JD202BRC tube amplifier. EL34 output tubes. 40wpc integrated amp. The Jolida JD202BRC amp sounds real smooth with a fantastic mid-range.  The highs are extended and clear.  MSRP= $1199. Free shipping. International buyers pay shipping.

Call or Email us. We will be glad to hear from you.

Free shipping in continental USA.

Buy a high quality Jolida tube amplifier that will last for many years. The JD502CRC will bring you enjoyment each time you listen.

Jolida JD301A hybrid amplifier sale. This amplifier comes stock, or level one factory modified.  This model is not remote control. There is a remote control model available. The JD301A is a 30wpc amplifier using tube input stage, and MOSFET output. At only 11.5″ x 8.75″ x 3.25″ the JD301A is discreet. And lightweight. Comes in silver only. The remote control model is available in black also. MSRP= $649. Our price= $595.  Upgraded model. Without upgrades MSRP= $425. Free shipping in continental USA.

The JD301A have a wow! factor for sure. How can such a small amp produce so much sound?

Jolida FX tube DACIII.  MSRP= $525. JD9II tube phono preamp. MSRP=$699. Call about any special deals or demos. Free shipping in continental  USA. The Jolida FX DACIII is a real smooth analogue sounding DAC. The Jolida JD9II phono preamp is very popular. The Jolida DACIII is on sale now. The JD9II is on sale. Contact us for more information.

Give us a call. Send us an email. Let us be your Jolida authorized dealer. Buy your Jolida audio gear from Petery-Hedden Co.


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