Jolida makers of high quality tube amplifiers and tube audio components. Jolida- value, quality.

We are authorized dealers selling all of the Jolida line. Jolida tube amplifiers, hybrid amplifiers, tube components. The company is located in Maryland. They offer quality home audio components at value prices. They offer service. Our brand stands for quality, service, value. If you have not heard a one of their amps

Fusion 3502 black only 60wpc 6550/el34

Fusion 3502 black only 60wpc 6550/el34

before we will be glad to sell you one with a 14 day in home trial. If you are not happy return at our cost for a full refund. On all continental USA orders shipping is included (free). International buyers pay for shipping.fxtube_headphone_silver[1]

Our Goal The goal of audio reproduction is to provide the highest level of quality sound.

Our Philosophy In keeping with our mission, JoLida will bring quality audio equipment at a value price.

Our Company Learn more about our our company’s background and the major design criteria for our products.

Our Warranty We stand behind our products. Review our warranty and how to obtain service here.

Tube audio gear :

The Technology  Learn about the basic technology behind vacuum tube amplification and how this time-tested technology can offer what we call “audio magic.”

Tube F.A.Q.s   Find answers to frequently asked questions about vacuum tube audio equipment and why tube audio may be right for you.

Home Theater  Read a letter to one of our customers describing our view of home theater audio and how you can achieve the best sound for the dollar.

Buying Audio  If you are not an experienced audiophile, JoLida would like to suggest a few guidelines in selecting the right audio equipment for your home.

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