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Jolida JD102CRC review:

Bottom Line:   

One of the best buys in audio. Plenty of power and the warm, open imaging typical of tubes. I don’t think you can go wrong for under $1,000.00 I have heard the new self-biasing model. I would look for the manual bias model used and save a few bucks

Jolida JD202BRC review

Bottom Line:   

This is my 1st tube amplifier. It has a smooth and liquid sound. The sound is natural and detailed. I listened to Patricia barber songs, Norah jones, Andrea bocelli and it is so detailed and clear.
I used the el34 JJ blue tube but I think the original jolida tube which I believe is the same as the shuguang chinese tube sound a lot better than the blue JJ tube. The JJ tube has more bass but has a dull sound. The shuguang tube is just clearer and more detail. Some people said that shuguang is a bit dry, but not for me.
If you are looking at an affordable inexpensive tube amp, I would strongly recommend this jolida 202. I think it would be best if you use it on small 2 way speakers (speakers with 4″ woofer).
However this amp is only rated 40 watts and you cant drive speakers very loud. But for me, it is loud enough. This piece is small and not bulky and it is excellent for a small living room or small bedroom.
I used it together with Totem arro and 1072 rotel hdcd player and the sound is very addictive and soothing at medium volume.

Jolida JD302CRC review   user reviews. We like this review site.

Jolida JD502CRC review

The JD502CRC is the latest version of this 60wpc tube amplifier. It has a deep, mellow, smooth sound.

Bottom Line:   

This is a review for the Jolida 502b integrated amp; 2 weeks of break in and I’m completely blown away.
I have gone through 2 Carver and 2 Yamaha solid state amps and I’m happy to say that I finally found the detail, imaging and immersive experience I was looking for inside a glass tube.
I read that tubes were more musical, more fluid, more lifelike..but until you spend some time with one in your space, with your music you don’t really get it. I am now a believer and I doubt I’ll ever go back to solid state.
This amp presents music with depth, texture, and presence that makes the best $1200 soliid state amp I’ve heard sound flat and 2 dimensional. I’ve now abandoned the “accuracy” sentiment–accurate and lifeless has no place in my living room.
Its possible that a VERY expensive solid state amp could give you this kind of detail, but why would you bother spending the extra money. This is admittedly an entry level amp but at 60W per channel it pushes my 86db sensitivity strata mini’s very very well. Huge and deep soundstage, amazing layering of highly produced music and sweet presentation of analog recordings. Dynamic, realistic, and captivating. It is in a completely different league than any solid state I’ve heard .
This is one great amp!

Jolida Fusion amp review- Jolida Fusion 3502S review

Keep in mind that these reviews can cover a wide time span, and some are old. Prices are different today than 10 years ago. Also the amplifiers have been upgraded quite a bit.
Today’s Jolida amplifier has much better capacitors and resistors than those made 10 or more years ago. Quality has steadily improved, and changes made at the factory to improve quality control. You can buy these amps with confidence. We stand behind what we sell as well- Petery-Hedden Co. New Albany, Indiana. Petery-Hedden Audio Gallery.
Please note: the 502CRC and 302CRC amps are discontinued. These are replaced with the new Fusion 3502S amp. This amp combines the two amps into one amp that will accept EL34 tubes, 6550 tubes, KT120 tubes, and KT150 tubes. Also, the new Fusion series contains upgraded internal components- ESA clarity caps, Vishay resistors, and Hexfred diodes. The basic upgrade is included.

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