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Jolida JD102CRC review:

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One of the best buys in audio. Plenty of power and the warm, open imaging typical of tubes. I don’t think you can go wrong for under $1,000.00 I have heard the new self-biasing model. I would look for the manual bias model used and save a few bucks.
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In front of the Ingenium’s, the 102 delivers loads of midrange clarity. I only heard just a tad of veiling, and by tad, I do mean a very minor amount. I have to say that I’ve not heard the Angela Instruments Tin Foil and poly coupling caps before and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Granted, they aren’t in the same league as say the Teflon V-Caps but for a very affordable coupling cap, a person could do much, much worse. As I mentioned, the mids are very clean. The timbre is very close, and if one thing will screw up the timbre, it’s the coupling caps.

The same comments can be made about the high frequencies. I’m really impressed with the Angela Instruments tin foil caps. The highs are nice and clean for an inexpensive cap. I’m getting loads of ‘air’ and upper octave extension. Cymbals are crisp without having too much sheen and there’s plenty of definition without being fatiguing in the least.

When we start looking at the JoLida’s ability to do all of the audiophile things we love like soundstaging, imaging and all that other jazz, here I decided to swap speakers. I landed on the Odyssey Audio Epiphany’s. This lets me do a couple of things. First is to see how the 102 interacts with lower efficiency speakers (86db) and second, I just love listening to these little gems. They are my favorite pair of mini-monitors. They’re extremely affordable, they completely disappear, they  soundstage and image like crazy and they just plain kick ass (sorry).

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