Jolida JD202BRC Review


 Jolida JD202BRC Review

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Jolida JD202BRC review :

While we are attempting to provide Jolida JD202BRC review information some of the reviews are older for older models. The BRC version is better made so performs even better.

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Having grown up with tubes I entered the solid state era with caution. Early SS amps left something to be desired, and I found myself missing the smoothness and musicality of my old tube amps. Of course at the same time speakers were a big drawback and often weren’t quite as good as the electronics. Zap forward to today and we have some truly amazing speaker systems to listen to in all prices ranges. We also have improved component parts available to build amps and pre-amps. Suddenly old technolgy designs can be optimized with more consistant parts performance. Those of us who still remember those older pieces, are now fortunate enough hear what the older designs are really capable of. That’s where Jolida and others shine.The Jolida JD202a integrated, is as lovely a tube amp as I’ve ever heard, beautifully built and priced very reasonably, meaning anyone can own one without mortgaging their house. I listen mostly to classical and jazz with a little pop thrown in for flavor and I find the 202a up to it all, provided you’re not asking for the last word in solidarity, or definition in the bass region. Don’t get me wrong, the bass is very good.., just a little soft, not unlike other tube designs. To some, like myself, a slightly rounder bass sound is not particulaly offensive. As I mentioned to a friend, when listening to music I’ve played many times on different gear, “when listening through the Jolida 202a, I began to tap my foot”, a primitive but valid test for me. it simply …
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Some people like the hybrid amps best, some like the tube amps best. The Jolida JD202BRC is a great 40wpc amp. Comes in silver or black.
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