Klipsch Cornwall III


Klipsch Cornwall III

The Klipsch Cornwall III is the 3rd version of the legendary Klipsch Cornwall speaker. The Klipsch Cornwall III is available in black, walnut, or cherry. The Klipsch Cornwall III is a large speaker, not your typical tower design, has real wood veneer, and weighs in at 98 lbs. with a sensitivity value of 102db. The Klipsch Cornwall III speaker can be driven with a 6 watt per channel tube amplifier with ease. We are offering deals on open box items now, and we will make a package deal for anyone wanting to purchase a pair of Klipsch speakers, and a Jolida tube amplifier.

Initially introduced in 1959, the Cornwall speaker was designed to serve as a larger, full-range alternative to the Heresy when used as a center channel speaker between two widely spaced Klipschorns. When it was discontinued in 1990, there was an outcry from consumers resulting in a letter-writing campaign and even a petition to bring back this storied loudspeaker.

This famed speaker, now dubbed the Cornwall III, is back and better than ever. A three-way design using horn-loaded compression drivers for the midrange and treble and a direct-radiating 15-inch woofer for the low frequencies, the Cornwall delivers the full-range bass response of the Klipschorn® with sensitivity and output approaching the fully horn-loaded models. The Cornwall III now includes a riser-base, which was optional in previous versions.  MSRP = $2200 per speaker.  ask about display/demo models for sale;

Klipsch Cornwall III – here is what people are saying about the Klipsch Cornwall speaker

I am curious there seems to be so little interest in these or other Klipsch speakers on this forum. I recently purchased a pair of 1984 Cornwalls in very good condition that sound incredible and after listening to many other speakers like Magnepan, Paradigm and Vandersteen I feel that the Klipsch has a lot to offer. I did notice that placement is more critical with these Cornwalls than with other speakers I have owned but once they are in a sweet spot they sound huge. Of course this is all just my opinion but for a very realistic listening experience I find these are a very good choice. So are there any other Cornwall owners out there and if so what are your thoughts. Just curious.




Klipsch Cornwall III – a speaker made in USA    MSRP = $2199 each speaker. Buy a pair and save.

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