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Klipsch RP-280F

Klipsch Reference Premier RP-280F speaker

Klipsch RP-250F

Reference premier series rp-250f speaker

Klipschorn Speaker

Klipschorn Speaker

Klipsch Reviews

Klipsch La Scala II walnut

Klipsch Reviews

Klipsch Heresy III speaker

Klipsch La Scala

Klipsch La Scala speakers vintage 1977

Klipsch Forte II

Klipsch Forte speakers. Excellent condition

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Klipsch Heresy III

Klipsch Heresy III speaker, walnut, in stock now

Klipsch Images

This page contains mostly Klipsch Images– images of Klipsch speakers. Klipsch speakers are very attractive in addition to sounding amazing. Klipsch Images: Klipsch Cornwall III, Klipsch Heresy III, Klipsch La Scala II, Klipsch RP-260F. Klipsch speakers are great sounding speakers when good cables are used as well as decent electronics. These work great with tube amplifiers, and match up really well with Jolida tube amplifiers. Amazing sound together! You might be wondering what is so heretical about the $1999 (pair)  Heresy III, the most affordable model in Klipsch’s Heritage line. The original design was introduced circa 1957 as a center channel for a pair of Klipschorns, although the name was not used officially until 1964 in a company brochure. By 1973, Klipsch was running a national ad with “Heresy in the Church” as the by-line. It was the first non-corner speaker that Paul W. Klipsch designed, and thus it was considered heretical in the sense of violating the master’s doctrine of corner-horn loading. Ironically, the Heresy III strikes me as being even more heretical in this day and age of sub-90dB sensitivity speakers. Here you have a fairly compact package, almost bookshelf-sized, that refuses to pander to current design fashion and focuses instead on high sensitivity and maximum SPL output.

Sporting a sensitivity of 99dB it opens up a new vista of sonic exploration—namely, low-power amplification. And I mean really low-power, 5Wpc or less. In the 1950s, five watts was deemed to be a perfectly adequate power reserve for domestic applications. With the advent of low-sensitivity bookshelf speakers, power amplifier ratings started to climb, culminating in the 1980s with the new standard, a 100-to-200Wpc solid-state amplifier. The raisons d’être of high-efficiency and high-sensitivity loudspeakers is not only to accommodate the single-ended triode (SET) crowd, but also to raise the macrodynamic bar—nudging dynamic range to new heights and doing so with low distortion levels. A conventional speaker may be able to soak up 200 watts short term without damage, but it will typically starts compressing and distorting when it hits sound pressure levels in the high 90s and is in fact lucky to make it above 100dB gracefully. On the other hand, the Heresy III’s maximum output is 116dB at 1 meter. A simple point-source calculation shows that the maximum SPL at a listening distance of 4 meters (about 12 feet) will be 104dB, adequate headroom for reproducing the maximum SPL generated by a symphony orchestra, even at Row A.

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Klipsch Cornwall III, Klipsch Heresy III, Klipsch La Scala II, Klipsch RP-260F