Klipschorn Speaker

Klipschorn Speaker

Klipschorn Speaker

Klipschorn Speaker

The Klipschorn speaker is a legendary speaker representing the top of the line for Klipsch. The Klipschorn speaker can play at very loud volumes with no measurable distortion and the bass is tremendous. Also the Klipschorn speaker has a beautiful real wood veneer finish. The Klipschorn speaker is big, beautiful, and sounds beautiful.

Audio pioneer and company founder Paul W. Klipsch launched the Klipschorn loudspeaker in 1946 to enable people, for the first time ever, to experience the power, detail and emotion of a live performance at home. Commonly called a corner-horn speaker, the remarkably uncommon Klipschorn includes a highly efficient horn loaded tweeter and midrange compression driver. Its patented folded-horn 15″ woofer delivers powerful low frequencies.

  • Highly efficient: 105 dB 1W / 1M
  • Fully horn-loaded, full range, three-way system with a patented folded-horn 15″ woofer delivers powerful low frequencies
  • 2″ midrange and 1″ tweeter compression drivers.
  • Capable of extreme output levels with ultra low distortion and astonishing dynamic range
  • Available in a high-quality Black Ash, Cherry, or Walnut wood veneer finish

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This is a large, heavy speaker. Have help when you decide to buy a pair. You will need someone to help you. Shipping can be arranged, but it would have to be by freight company subject to restrictions. We will deliver free of charge within 200 mile radius.


Contact Brian Higdon  peteryhedden@gmail.com   phone: 812-945-5215
Contact Bob Anderson  bob.and212@gmail.com   phone : 812-557-2497
MSRP is $4498  / at times we have demo models
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contact Bob Anderson bob.and212@gmail.com  phone: 812-557-2497

In the Louisville, Ky. area in downtown New Albany  Also serving Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Lexington areas.

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