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Klipsch La Scala II walnut


Klipsch speakers are great sounding and great looking speakers. These speakers sound great with the right amplifier. It is important to use good cables with these speakers. And good electronics. These speakers like a solid state amp that has some warmth and smoothness to it. McIntosh amps sound nice with these speakers and so would one of the better Yamaha solid state amps. These speakers sound their best with tube amps. We have found that Jolida tube amps and these speakers go great together. The Jolida JD202BRC tube amplifier and the Heresy III speakers sound great together- a perfect match for a really nice sounding system and we will sell both together as a package deal for only $2550.  See www.klipsch.com for details and specs on all their speakers. We offer the complete line of their speakers.  These speakers are great for music listening, or for movies. These speakers are also an excellent value. So are Jolida amps. These speakers have a high performance to price ratio as does Jolida gear.  SHIPPING IS FREE IN USA (most speakers).

One of the things I like best about sensitive speakers is the detail. There is such a high level of detail in the music, and the highs come through with clarity. Also these sound great at low volumes. With a tube amp, or mellow solid state amp these speakers do shine. The JD102CRC would be perfect with the Heresy III speakers.

Klipsch RP-280F

Klipsch Reference Premier RP-280F speaker


Speakers that are sensitive, clear, and detailed. If you want to hear all the music connect a pair of these speakers to a tube amplifier and enjoy the music.
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